When it comes to home selling and buying, every house buyer wants to buy a house that is in good shape and that has a good value. Of course, the home is the only place where you can keep investing money all the time as there is always something that you can fix. Whenever we mention home improvement, we see hundreds of dollars that we have to pay. Still, there are great ideas that will not cost you more than $100 but will increase your home value significantly.

Refresh your front door

The front door is one of the crucial parts of our house as it is the entrance point and it should look fresh. Of course, if you are having a house that is old over 100 years, you might need to invest more money instead of buying just a new door.

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Couple Need Home Renovation

However, you can buy a decent door for your house around $80 and it will give your home a whole new look. Try to pick the color that reflects your intention of how your guests should feel inside your home. One of the most attractive colors is red, but do pay attention that you need to pick a color that corresponds to the rest of your design.

Redesign the porch

We are not talking about rebuilding the porch entirely but rather redesigning it a bit so it gets a refreshment. You can add a screen around it so the mosquitos and flies do not enter while you are sitting. Alternatively, paint it will brighten color to add more energy to it so the next you sit there, you will feel like you are in the garden.

Additionally, add some pots with flowers and you will have a whole new oasis of peace. Make your own green oasis of peace with some cool flowers that you can place there and make the space friendlier. You will not spend a lot of money on these improvements but you will feel more relaxed while sitting there. Also, these may not be huge investments but will increase the price of your home.

Make a fence for the garden

Having a garden without a fence is not something that we recommend, as anyone can get into your garden and scoop around. For $100, you can get enough fence panels to cover a smaller garden, while for the larger space, you will have to invest more.

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We are not talking about the expensive maiden/streel fence, but rather about the wooden one or a bamboo one. It will look nice, safe and it adds a lot of value to your property. Also, these panels cannot be compared to the wooden panels that are made in custom measures. But, for example, a bamboo fence will add more design to the overall look of your garden/estate and you can store some things in the backyard without fear that someone might steal anything.