To help you find your perfect home, we decided to give you an idea of America’s most popular home designs.

  • Craftsman style. These houses were designed as a response to the Industrial revolution; instead of being generic and mass produced, they are rather uniquely-made, frequently with the usage of materials like wood and stone. Although they look like log cabins, their shape may vary. The most important is that they tend to have a correlation with nature.

  • Country style. This style is heavily affected by the settlers who came before 19th century, and we can distinguish them for having windows on either side of the front entrance and more than four windows on the upper level, regularly having the center window right above the entrance. It is also known for its’ broad veranda and wood features, which makes them look warm and inviting.
  • European style. European style homes are mostly influenced by French, Italian and sometimes British style of house building. What features this style is combination of long lasting vintage looking materials like marble or other premium quality stone floors. Most likely they have plaster walls, big fireplaces, while the exterior generally consists of complex roof tops.
  • Cottage style. Characteristic cottages usually have a quite big front porch, with the second floor often placed in into the roof space. They can also come in form of smaller huts. This style reminds on craftsman style, but it is more affordable due to simpler details.

  • Southern style. These houses are tending to adapt to the warm climate of the south, so they contain wide terraces and lifted primary levels. They may have fine points dated from the 19th century agricultural estates.
  • Mediterranean style. Reminding on houses which can be found in south parts of Spain and Italy, the center point are courtyards and decks. The exterior is simple, with plaster walls and roof tops covered with tiles. Inside may contain ornaments and decorative wood elements.