Are you a developer, an investor, a lender or any other business user who seeks legal services? If the answer is yes, we offer our legal services in the vast area of legal real estate actions including leasing and sale, financing, development and the acquisition. We offer to represent any purchaser or seller of residential real estate and everything that goes with it.

We, as a law firm, are well aware of the cooperation, condominium and time sharing forms of the land use regulation, zoning, title insurance, real estate syndication and ownership. We can offer you legal services in the terms of negotiating and planning the structure and complex residential and real estate transactions. Our real estate attorney miami based experts in the field of real estates will take care of all legal documentation and analysis before and after the deal is closed.

It is our job to assist our clients in any way that could be beneficial to their goals. The only successful deal is the one closed and with this in our minds, we as the Miami based real estate attorneys will show our full cooperation and lend you our knowledge in order to negotiate and close any real estate deals.

A closed real estate deal means that all legal actions involved with real estate acquisition, sale, purchase documents preparation including conveyancing and financing documentation, taxes and other agreements and escrow instructions will be managed by our experts.

Leases and real estate development

We have a very sophisticated practice when it comes to leasing. We tend to vary in our practice simply because we want to offer our clients only the best services and help them to reach their ultimate goals. We only accept success as a reward because we know who these legal actions are important and crucial to our clients and their businesses.

We possess years of experience in negotiating between both the tenants and the landlords in leasing transactions such as subleases, industrial and office leases or build to suit and ground leases. We also deal with retail and any legal action regarding retail leasing is a part of our specialty. In addition to our leasing services, we can also assist in any type of real estate development or any other action involved with real estates.

No matter what our clients have in mind, a downtown development, a hotel or an industrial development or building a shopping center, we will be glad to be of any assistance that will put their ideas to a good use and eventually, realization. Our more than extensive experience will be very helpful to our clients when it comes to the creation and operation of planning and realizing any planned unit developments.

We offer to represent our clients in three most commonly represented situations. All actions regarding the mixed use condominiums, commercial and residential unit developments are part of our legal expertise and our specialized real estate attorneys are always here.